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Whether you crawl, walk or run in the FinOps world, we guide and elevate cross-functional teams with next-level niche knowledge on maximizing your cloud ROI. Our mission is for you to get the greatest savings with the best-of-breed technologies on the market.




In customer’s cloud spend

Saved on infra costs

Average ROI


Cost optimization for cloud teams

  • Maximum financial ROI without the work- no need to manually track, buy and evaluate savings instruments
  • Zero compliance / uptime or other risk to cloud infrastructure
  • Free up DevOps resources. Automatic optimization with zero technical tradeoffs.

Zero code changes

  • No changes to your infrastructure or access to your data
  • No ongoing operational coordination or management burden
  • We operate silently 24×7 to maximize your savings

No need to forecast future requirements

  • Hykell autonomously manages and optimizes discounts, so engineers can focus on building, Finops can focus on streamlining.
  • Enjoy up to 70% discounts without long-term commitments
  • We work our magic, so you can enjoy maximum flexibility